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Affiliate is a person or organization officially attached to a larger body, business/ organization. Instead of starting a new business, registering company and paying for office; you can affiliate with existing companies selling products and services in exchange for a commission or profit or both. You can decide the industry, number of companies and grow your business at your own pace with little to no capital.

Types of affiliates

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Social media Influencers: The boom of social media over the last 10 years has led to the rise of a powerful, new marketing tool called influencers. Influencers have taken their social media presence and turned it into a marketing machine, leveraging their social media presence to reach and connect with potential customers.

Influencers are known to have 1000’s of followers connecting with them like family and friends. Research says eight out of every ten consumers have purchased something after having seen it as a recommendation by an influencer.

Bloggers: bloggers have a niche; which is a carefully selected topic area they will be focusing their articles around. A niche is how they establish what readers should expect from them and the categories of advertisers to attract.

E.g. a real estate blogger might publish articles about modern décor and place adverts about furniture, smart home technologies, duplex for sale etc.

Contractors and Innovators: People who are exposed to certain networks and environments can build contact and sell certain products and services to them.

Some people can combine products and services (may repackage them) and sale it as an innovative solution

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